You can also donate by sending a check written to "James Logan Band Boosters" to the attention of the Booster General Treasurer at:

Logan Band Boosters
P.O. Box 924
Union City, CA, 94587

Please specify if you would like to have donation letter sent to you for tax purposes (only applicable if no goods or services were received) and specify if the donation is for a specific event or student.

Logan Band Booster Tax Deduction Info

Thank you for considering donating to the James Logan Band Boosters.   This is the information you may need to apply for a tax deduction, company matching donation, etc.

Organization Name:  
James Logan High School Band Boosters Inc 

Federal Tax ID Number/Employer Identification Number (EIN):  

Organization Address
P.O.  Box 924, Union City, CA  94587

Point of Contact:
Treasurer (please see Contact Us page for current treasurer contact info)

Mission Statement
The goals of the organization shall be:

a. To cooperate fully with the Principal of James Logan High School and his/her active representative, the James Logan High School Band Director, and shall abide by the regulations of the New Haven Unified School District. 

b. To augment the opportunities and experiences which the New Haven Unified School District make available for the members of the band.

c. To establish a medium in which good fellowship and increased communication are fostered between parents, students' and staff.

d. To help insure that all band members may participate in mandatory band activities so that none shall be prevented from doing so for family and/or financial reasons.